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Q CONNECT LGE SCREEN/PROTECTION WIPES P10 Pack of 1 Q Connect large screen cleaning wipes for use on LCD and TFT screens. Anti static formula cleans and protects the screen and gently removes, dirt, smears and residue. Alcohol and solvent free.
AF PHONECLENE 100 WET/WET SACHETS Pack of 1 AF Phone-Clene Telephone Hygiene Wipes. Individually foil wrapped sachets containing pre-saturated wipes. Suitable for cleaning desk telephones, mobile phones, switchboards, Bluetooth earpieces and headsets.
AFINTERN MULTI CLENE TRAVEL KIT Pack of 1 AF Multi Clene Travel Kit AXMCA25MF.A gentle non-smearing screen cleaner for use on sensitive screens.For best results spray on to the high quality micro-fibre cloth and wipe using low pressure. Non-smearing and provides anti-static properties.
2WORK HIGH POWER SPRAY DUSTER 400ML Pack of 1 Removes dirt from sensitive equipment and those hard to reach areas. Can be used on laptops, printers, photographic and video equipment. Powerclean Plus is a flammable, high pressure airduster, ideal for industrial applications.
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